Boat Insurance coverage options in Laguna Hills, CA

In Laguna Hills, CA, owning a boat is not uncommon. If you’re one of the new boat owners here, you should consider paying some little attention to boat insurance to enable you to protect yourself . Boat insurance is equally fundamental just like auto insurance as there are many uncertainties in deep waters as there are on land. 

At Friant Insurance Agency, we help you find excellent boat coverage options for you, your family, friends, and your watercraft machine. Our mission is to keep you safe from financial constraints in case of an accident. Here are the basic coverages that your boat insurance may cover.

Personal liability: This popular coverage reimburses you for losses, damages or injuries sustained in the event of an accident in which you’re at fault. The coverage pays for the medical expenses as well as repairs for the other party’s watercraft.

Physical damage protection:  This coverage is for the owner’s watercraft. In case of damage or theft, the policy helps replace or repair.

Underinsured or uninsured watercraft:  While boat insurance is not a requirement by the government of California, some sailors are either not adequately insured or completely uninsured. This policy pays for your injuries if you’re involved in an accident where the other person was uninsured/underinsured regardless of who is at fault.

Medical payments: Sometimes you get severely injured probably an attack by water creatures like sharks. This policy settles all the medical care bills from the accident.

Boat insurance may not be mandatory but unmistakably worth it for sea enthusiasts especially those in extreme water sports. Nothing can stop you with boat insurance. Give Friant Insurance Agency the chance to find you the right policy package that fits wholly within your means. Visit us or call us today for a quote or new policy discussion.