What is umbrella insurance?

Your valuables in your Laguna Hills, CA home or apartment may not be completely covered by renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. Sometimes there are policy limits that prevent an indemnity company from giving you the full price for items lost or damaged in an unforeseeable event such as a burglary or flooding caused by a broken pipe. You do well to fully protect yourself with an umbrella insurance policy. A member of the Friant Insurance Agency can help you understand what such a policy is and how it can help your situation. 

What is umbrella insurance?

Quite simply, umbrella insurance is the extra coverage that you need to fully recover the value of items lost during a claim-worthy event. A burglar who steals your mother’s pearls worth $1.5 million has done you a great injustice if you do not have the additional coverage of an umbrella policy to supplement the amount not covered by your standard homeowner’s policy. Not only has the thief stolen a precious commodity but he has also robbed you twice by forcing you to accept a payout that is less than fair from your indemnity provider. Umbrella insurance is designed so that you do not have to experience the pain of losing several times over. 

How does the plan work for renters?

Umbrella insurance is one of those perks that is not exclusive to homeowners. You can get a policy to go along with your standard renter’s indemnity plan so that you do not have to worry about buying a new laptop when the neighbor’s bathroom flooding leads to water invading your premises and ruining everything in its path.

Your personal and building property in Laguna Hills, CA deserves complete care and protection. Call the professionals at Friant Insurance Agency today to discover the possibilities of umbrella insurance!