Homeowners Insurance Southern California

The real estate market in Southern California has never been better. Homeowners insurance protects a family’s most valuable investment. Homeowners insurance coverage compensates an owner for property damages, repairs, and replacement of contents, after an earthquake. If guests are injured onsite, homeowners insurance covers out-of-pocket medical and other expenses.

Disaster Risk Events

Southern California homeowners can protect their investment with an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance covers costs associated with repair and replacement of property after a natural disaster. Repair a home’s structural elements, and replace personal belongings immediately after an earthquake, fire, or other risk incident, with a homeowners insurance policy.  

Liability Risk Events

Entertaining guests is part of the Southern California lifestyle. If a guest slips and falls, a homeowner may sustain liability for medical costs and other expenses. Homeowners insurance compensates a guest for costly medical expenses and legal fees resulting from a legal claim. Protect yourself from “negligence” with homeowners liability insurance coverage.  

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage – a full-coverage homeowners insurance policy that covers costs for property repairs and replacement of contents.

Individual Coverage –shields a family from a homeowner’s debt obligations and mortgage payment, and other outstanding monies owed in case of accident or death.   

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – real property investment value and home contents, protected in case of theft or damage.

Combined Life Coverage – homeowners and life insurance combined policy that covers property personal belongings, and guest injury liability.

Southern California homeowners can protect a property investment with homeowners insurance coverage. Request details about homeowners insurance types, and deductibles, claims, grace periods, and terms and conditions to those agreements available through your insurance broker.

To find out more about homeowners insurance in Southern California, and to obtain a quote, contact Friant Insurance Agency of Laguna Hills, CA.