Five ways to Drive More Defensively to Avoid any Auto Accident

You need to drive defensively now more than ever because of how many people that are distracted by mobile phones and electronic devices while driving their cars. Defensive driving has always been an important part of the driving process because not everyone is very experienced with driving. It is important to be ready for any unusual driving that you may encounter within your driving experience. Our agents at the Friant Insurance Agency in Laguna Hills, CA can assist you with your auto coverage to help you find the correct amount to protect you if you were to experience an auto accident at the hands of an inexperienced or distracted driver.

You also need to be aware of pedestrians and other people spending more time in the outdoors during the warmer seasons. Many people on their phones and with headphones in might not see or hear your car coming. It is your responsibility to be vigilant for pedestrians that may stray in the path of your car.

On our nation’s highways, attempt to avoid driving in the road lanes next to larger semi trucks. The drivers for these vehicles will not always be able to see you if you happen to be in a blind spot. This could cause a potential hazard for you and your vehicle if they merge into your lane without knowledge of you being there.

Ensure that you also drive far enough behind other vehicles in the case of a sudden stop. If the driver in front of you should slow down or stop quickly, you may have a hard time avoiding an accident.

Be very careful regarding your hand position on the steering wheel because it could improve your response time if you were to encounter any unusual incidents on your drive. You can discuss any questions you might have regarding your auto insurance or an accident with one of our agents at Friant Insurance Agency in Laguna Hills, CA. Give us a call or stop by our office to learn more about how defensive driving is important for your policy and well being.