Is Your Condo Ready for Summer?

If you’re planning to receive guests at your condo this summer, now’s a good time to get it ready for the holidays. These tips from Friant Insurance Agency can help make your Temecula, CA condo a safer, more comfortable abode for friends and loved ones.  

Service Your AC

Schedule a checkup to inspect and clean your AC before the heat of summer. Replace worn parts to keep your system working at optimal capacity. If your system has seen its better days, replace it with a new one to avoid breakdowns when you need it most.

Prep Your Interior

Deep clean your Temecula, CA condo so you can welcome guests into a fresh, hygienic environment. Wash your windows, dust your fans, and professionally clean your carpeting. Declutter to increase storage space and reduce your risk of accidents. Spruce up dingy walls with a fresh coat of paint and add indoor plants or fresh flowers to your ambiance to brighten your environment.

Increase Security

Upgrade locks on windows and doors to enhance security and minimize the risk of break-ins during your summer holidays. Adding motion sensor lights to exterior doors can help ward off thieves and reduces your risk of night-time accidents. If you don’t have a security system, consider installing one to protect your family’s valuables.

Spruce Up Balcony or Patio

If your condo has a patio or balcony, spruce it up with comfortable furniture and decorative accessories for holiday events and family gatherings. Your friends will appreciate having a little nook for sitting, snacking or sharing a drink together.

Update Your Condo Insurance Liability Coverage

With more people visiting your condo, there’s always the risk of someone having an accident. Liability insurance protects you against injuries from slip and falls, kitchen accidents, dog bites, and more.

To update your condo insurance liability coverage, contact Friant Insurance Agency today.