Boater Safety Tips

Temecula, CA residents are not required by law to carry boat insurance. However, many marinas will compel you to carry indemnification for permission to use their resources, and most lenders will mandate coverage for the duration of time that you carry a balance. Your Friant Insurance Agency representative can give more details about the insurance benefits we offer, and below are some tips for boater safety. 

Wear a Life Jacket

The majority of drowning victims after an accident are not wearing life jackets. It’s essential to ensure crew and passengers are outfitted with life jackets that fit correctly and are appropriate to the situation. 

Stay Sober

Alcohol and boating do not mix. Boat operators who operate their vessels under the influence of alcoholic drinks are a leading cause of boating fatalities. 

Stay Abreast of the Weather

Always be aware of the atmospheric conditions before you embark, but be prepared to make a quick change of course if storm clouds form. With modern technology, you can continue to monitor the situation while on your boat. Be sure to take warnings seriously, and do not risk the lives of yourself and others. 

Take a Course in Boater Safety

Boaters with certifications in boating safety have a statistically lower chance of being in a fatal crash. Your insurance may also give you a lower rate as well. 

Follow Boating Rules

Traveling at a safe speed is a must, as is following the guidance for navigation according to the area you plan to traverse. Be aware of the hazards inherent to the region, such as rocks or shoals. 

Friant Insurance Agency is Here for You

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