Is Boat Insurance Needed In Laguna Hills, CA?

When you own a boat in Laguna Hills, CA, it’s important to look at insurance requirements. Although the state of California does not require you to have boat insurance, there are plenty of reasons to get a policy.

At Friant Insurance Agency, we have helped many boat owners get the boat insurance that will provide plenty of financial protection.

You never know what’s going to happen on the water. If someone gets hurt on your boat or you cause damage to someone else’s boat, dock or other property, you’re going to want insurance. The liability coverage can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs or medical coverage.

You also have no idea what’s going to happen when you leave your boat unattended, such as in a boat harbor or while it’s in dry dock. If it gets stolen or damaged, you’re going to want to file a claim with the insurance company. It’s a lot easier to pay the deductible of $500 or $1,000 than to have to pay for the replacement or repairs of your boat.

Boat insurance can protect you in a wide array of ways. There are plenty of ways to customize the policy, too. This way, you get the protection when and where you need it.

The state might not require you to have a policy, but if you’re going to be spending any kind of money on your boat, you want to make sure you protect your financial investment with a reliable insurance policy.

Our goal is to protect you and your boat, even when you’re not out in the water. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today to speak to one of our independent agents. We’ll make sure that you have plenty of protection for your boat in Laguna Hills, CA.