How Home Insurance Protects You Financially

The whirlwind surrounding buying a new home and moving in can daunting.  The right home insurance will give you peace of mind.  Protecting the home from fire or severe weather damage is what most homeowners think about when it comes to home insurance.  However, the policy provides many more benefits than that.  At Friant Insurance Agency, our knowledgeable agents work with homeowners throughout the Temecula, CA area. 

Home insurance policies are vital financial protection. Not only do they cover the home itself, but it will also cover the home’s contents, including furniture and electronics.  It also protects items that are stolen or damaged while you are away from home.  For instance, if your laptop is taken while you are working at the local coffee shop, it can be replaced.  Also, the home insurance policy provides liability coverage.  This covers the medical expenses and legal fees if someone is injured on the property due to your negligence.  Without coverage, this would be financially devastating.

The policy also covers any structures on the property.  This can include outbuildings, storage sheds, fences, or pergolas, for example.  While this is a lot of protection, it is important to understand what a home policy does not cover.  While it will cover water damage from a broken pipe, it will not cover water damage from a flood event.  If the home is an area prone to flooding or even has a moderate risk, talk with your agent about adding flood insurance to the policy. 

At Friant Insurance Agency, we work to ensure that our clients in the Temecula, CA area have the best coverage for their homes.  There is general information on our website to get started.  Then take the time to contact one of our agents.  You’ve worked hard for your home.  Now, make sure it’s protected.  Call today!