Why Do I Need Condo Insurance?

A condo in Laguna Hills, CA can be a lovely home or a wonderful investment property. The view of the ocean and the proximity to all the water has drawn people to the area for hundreds of years. You need condo insurance to protect yourself from financial loss. A condo is an investment and insurance safeguards the physical property. Insurance obtained through a reliable and experienced provider like Friant Insurance Agency also protects you from loss of contents like appliances, furniture, and personal items.

Special Reasons for Condo Policies

  • The state of California is subject to earthquakes. The California Earthquake Authority has developed specific insurance policies for condominiums. These policies provide particular protection that helps you recover from earthquake damage. A minor earthquake can cause structural damage that reduces the value of your investment.
  • Many condo owners in Laguna Hills, CA think that their home owner’s association provides them with some insurance protection. The fact is that any insurance that a home owner’s association has protects the owner of the building first. Condo insurance gives you peace of mind.
  • You may even owe the building and the association a huge amount of money if you have leaky pipes that damage another unit or a common area. This is another reason why you need condo insurance that for yourself.
  • A condo on or near the beach is a legacy that you can pass on to generations to come in your family. A condo can be an extra source of income during your working life that pays for itself. You can keep your legacy and your retirement home safe and secure with condo insurance.

Contact Friant Insurance Agency about the right insurance for your condo. Experienced agents from our independent insurance firm can offer you a selection of condo insurance plans from the nation’s most highly respected insurers. Reach out to our agents for a quote.