What Happens to Your RV Insurance if You Don’t Pay Your Premium?

At Friant Insurance Agency, we know many Laguna Hills, CA residents love camping in their RV campers. However, you need to make sure that you pay your insurance on time. That’s because you’ll experience serious problems if you let your policy lapse.

There is No Grace Period for Vehicle Insurance

You may be used to the idea of a “grace period” from your health insurance. At Friant Insurance Agency, we encourage all of our Laguna Hills CA area customers to pay long before their grace period is approaching. However, there is no grace period for most vehicle insurance types. The same is true of RV insurance. So if you miss one monthly payment, your policy is canceled.

You Can Experience Major Problems

If your RV insurance lapses, you can still drive it and go camping. However, you are putting yourself in serious risk. That’s because getting pulled over without RV insurance is going to be a major financial and legal problem. You’ll not only get fined for it but will be forced to pay for new insurance. In this scenario, you are going to pay a lot more to have coverage that you shouldn’t have ignored.

Getting New Coverage is Costly

In many states, getting new RV insurance after a lapse is going to be very expensive. That’s because you may be forced to get what is known as “high risk” insurance. You are considered high risk because you didn’t insure your vehicle properly. Those type of coverage is always more expensive than other types and may be more difficult to afford than the policy you let lapse.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

So if you live in Laguna Hills, CA and have a high-quality recreational vehicle, make sure that you keep your policy current. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency if you have any questions about this process or otherwise need help choosing a policy that is right for your needs.