Condo Insurance Options for Rental Properties

Laguna Hills, CA is filled with many expansive condos, most of which are rented by their tenants. We at Friant Insurance Agency can help condo renters like you better understand this type of coverage and how it differs from general renter’s insurance.

Condo Insurance is Not Renter’s Insurance

People who rent a condo may make the mistake of thinking that renter’s insurance is appropriate for their property. However, that is not the case because condos are a unique situation that requires a specific type of insurance. That’s because renters also get access to common areas, such as clubhouses, pools, and more.

Unlike apartments with similar amenities, renters of condos actually “own” a small portion of these common areas. That’s because their rental agreement is a type of ownership which provides them access to these public areas in a way that apartment renters don’t get with their rental property.

What Policies Cover

Condo insurance for renters covers a multitude of items, including the property in the condo and the structure of the condominium facility. Just as importantly, this type of coverage also protects people who are injured in a person’s condo. Liability coverage like this pays out in case of a lawsuit.

However, insurance also protects a person if their condo is too damaged for them to live in while it is being repaired. This situation is known as loss of use, and this type of policy works to protect a condo renter from what can be quite expensive relocation costs.

Find a Policy for Your Condo

So if you rent a condo in Laguna Hills, CA and want to protect your investment, please contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today. Our agents will work with you to find a coverage option that not only meets your specific needs but which protects you fully from total loss.