Burglar proofing your home

Your home is your castle, and you should ensure that it is as secure as possible against burglars and home invaders. Friant Insurance Agency, serving Laguna Hills, CA, would like to offer some advice.

Dead-bolt locks on the doors and window locks are a given to prevent or at least delay unauthorized entry. You should also invest in a good alarm system. You should place lighting in your backyard and at entries not visible from the street,

In the era of smart homes, you can program your lights and electronics, such as your TV and radio, to turn on and off in a pattern to simulate you being home when you’re not. A thief casing your home may be put off by such a system. Most home invaders do not want to mess with homeowners and thus might choose a house that seems easier to loot.

Home security cameras have become affordable enough to invest in one or two. If a thief enters your home, at least law enforcement will have a picture of the person as he or she commits a felony by taking your valuables.

Finally, a door camera, such as the Ring, might be worth considering. It enables the homeowner to interact by smart phone from miles away with anyone ringing the doorbell, giving the impression that someone is at home. This could deter thieves pretending to be delivery people, who then force entry when someone opens the front door. Potential thieves who spot the door camera have a tendency to run, realizing that their image has been recorded.

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