Home Insurance in Arizona

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Therefore, it is vital that every homeowner has insurance on their home. In fact, in the state of Arizona, it is required that every home with a mortgage have homeowners insurance. Otherwise, the bank may not issue a mortgage or have grounds to force legal action. Even after a home is paid off, it is important that the home is protected. For many people, the idea of purchasing home insurance can be confusing. What are important parts of home insurance that every resident of Chino Valley, AZ should know?

First, most basic home insurance policies protect the value of the structure of the home. The home insurance policy will specify a financial amount that represents the amount of money an insurance company can reward in the event that a home is damaged or destroyed. This policy will come with specifications for disasters such as fire, flood, wind, or earthquake damage. Check the policy thoroughly to see what kinds of damage are covered.

In addition, homeowners need to strongly consider adding a personal belongings rider to their home insurance policy. While not required by law, many people have expensive pieces of furniture, electronics, or jewelry which can be damaged or stolen. It is wise to purchase insurance on these items under the home insurance policy to protect valuable against loss.

Finally, in the event a home is severely damaged to the point it becomes unlivable, individuals and families can incur major expenses rapidly when forced to live out of a hotel or apartment. Home insurance policies can come with living expenses coverage which can help pay for these costs. Consider adding this to any home insurance policy.

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