Types of coverage provided by condo insurance

California is not the easiest place to break into the property market. Condos are one of the ways that it is possible. It will still be a significant investment, and ensuring it is covered with the right condo insurance is necessary. At the Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA, we help our customers get the insurance they need, including condo insurance.  

Condo insurance is different from home insurance. The main difference is that the condo association is responsible for the roof, exterior of your unit, and common areas. Not all condo association master policies are the same. It would be best to read your policy to know where their coverage ends and yours begins. 

Property coverage

Where your property coverage begins is where the master policy ends, and that is either at the outside walls or the inside wall. What you need to cover depends on the master policy. If you are responsible for walls-in, you need to have enough insurance to cover your unit’s kitchen cabinets, built-in appliances, bathroom fixtures, and other fixtures. 

Content coverage

The content coverage helps to replace your personal items in the unit. This includes electronics, clothes, furniture, decor, portable appliances, and, to a small extent, jewelry. 

Liability coverage

If someone is injured inside your condo unit or by a family member, your liability coverage will help pay for a judgment against you and legal fees. The condo master policy covers the common areas and the parking lots. 

Loss of use

If your condo is damaged and you can’t live there, this coverage helps pay for a place to stay. 

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