How do you know if your property requires flood insurance?

When you move to a new house, sometimes, the realty agent tells you that your property requires flood insurance. Other times, they do not. The government regularly updates its flood maps, so your property might fall into a flood zone in a future update while it currently does not. Temecula, CA’s Friant Insurance Agency wants to help you understand how to stay on top of this and determine if your property requires flood insurance.

It is your job to determine whether a property qualifies as a flood zone property or not. Your easiest method to do this is to check the map at the Flood Smart site to learn your flood zone.

While every property appears on the map, not every property falls into a flood zone that requires flood insurance. The zones marked with a letter A or V on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps indicate a high-risk flood area. This is the area with the highest risk of flooding. As long as you own a federally backed mortgage, you must purchase flood insurance for these areas.

The areas marked with a letter B, C, or X indicate a moderate or low risk of flooding. While these areas have some chance of flooding, the risk reduces to a one in three chance of needing to file a flood insurance claim. These property owners have the option of carrying a lower-cost flood policy called a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP).

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