RV Safety Tips

Driving an RV in Laguna Hills, CA is becoming a popular way to travel. However, there are some safety tips you need to follow.

Learn How to Drive the RV You Plan to Use

If you are driving an RV out on the road for the first time in Laguna Hills, CA, learn how to drive it ahead of time. Driving an RV has more in common with driving a commercial big rig truck. Make sure you get some practice backing your RV up to fit in spaces.

Know the Weather

You can’t do much to change the weather but you can adapt to it. By knowing the weather forecast, you can be sure to avoid problems.

Pay Attention to the Electrical Load

You will want to plug in all your electrical devices while on the road but unlike homes, RVs aren’t wired to have them plugged in all at once. Most RVs are only wired for only 30 to 50 amps. For example, a toaster uses 14 amps.

Have Proper Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is important for these larger vehicles. You will need to decide how much water and fuel you should carry in order to stay under the weight limits for your RV. Fully loaded rigs will take longer for you to stop and have slower acceleration.

Have the Right RV Insurance

Your RV insurance should cover every aspect of your trip. An agent at Friant Insurance Agency can make sure you are covered so you aren’t just leaving your possessions in a trailer on the side of the road.

Maintain the Vehicle

A well-maintained vehicle is safe. Keep up with preventative maintenance and have regular inspections of the systems. Do an inspection of belts, headlights, hoses, towing equipment, and tires before you get behind the wheel. Tire blowouts contribute to the most RV accidents so double-check your tires.

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