Did you know that many basic motorcycle policies don’t cover theft?

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Protect your motorcycle from theft

There are several different insurance options when it comes to protecting motorcycles. Knowing how much coverage is enough and which type of policy will best meet a particular need can be confusing. Unfortunately, many basic policies do not cover theft. These policies are good for protecting health expenses and liability but offer little or no coverage when it comes to theft or vandalism.

For this reason, many motorcycle owners opt to upgrade their policy to one that provides comprehensive coverage. With this more extensive coverage, there is often protection from theft, vandalism, and property loss that is often left out of primary policy protection. Comprehensive policies will typically offer this type of coverage.

Motorcycle owners who have had their bikes for a while often realize that the policy they started no longer meets their needs. In other instances, bike owners want robust coverage from the start. Whenever an owner decides to carry a comprehensive policy, several options are available. These policies can contain higher policy limits for liability and medical expenses and sufficient collision and theft protection. 

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