Who Should Be Considering the Purchase of Umbrella Insurance?

It is common for individuals to think about umbrella insurance. Do you believe that you need umbrella insurance? Will it provide you with a benefit, or are you throwing money away by paying for the premium? These are all fair questions that residents of Temecula, CA routinely ask. You need to understand umbrella insurance, its purpose, and its intent for yourself. The team at Friant Insurance Agency is in a position to educate you to help you make such a call.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

The concept of umbrella insurance is that it is a level of insurance above and beyond what underlying liability policies will cover. For example, if you have liability insurance with a $100,000 limit and a covered loss that amounts to $200,000 in losses, you are only going to recover the first $100,000. With an umbrella insurance policy, the policy will kick in above $100,000 so that the entire loss is covered. Umbrella is a layer of insurance on top of what you already have.

Who Should Get It?

Umbrella insurance can benefit anyone living in Temecula, CA, or the state. That additional layer of insurance will provide ultimate protection in unforeseen circumstances. You never know what will creep up and result in an immense loss. Umbrella insurance plays a critical role in not having your life turned upside down.

The cost of umbrella insurance is typically below what individuals expect. Work with the Friant Insurance Agency team to make the best decision possible for yourself and your family. Umbrella insurance can be for everyone when you shop with a solid foundational knowledge base.