RV Insurance in Arizona

Whether you have a motorhome, RV or travel trailer, one of the smartest things you can do is protect it with RV insurance.

If you have an RV, you need special protection to cover unique situations that you find on the open road.

RV insurance is much different than automobile insurance and if you are using your automobile insurance to cover your RV, then you are not fully protected.

There are different types of RV insurance depending on how you use your RV.

Full-time RV Insurance. This type of coverage is perfect for you if you live in your RV full-time. It covers a wide range of things, such as your belongings and injuries that take place on your property.

Recreational RV insurance. Recreational RV insurance is for you if you only use your RV for recreational use, rather than living in it full time. It protects your RV when you are parked at a campsite or out dancing.

Insurance coverages vary with all types of RV insurance. You can get a variety of coverage for your belongings, accidents and injuries that happen on your campsite. Just contact your local insurance agent for the most comprehensive information.

Affordable RV Insurance

Friant Insurance Agency offers affordable RV insurance with great coverage to give you peace of mind, leaving you free to enjoy the open road.

With Friant Insurance Agency, we offer coverage customized for your unique needs. Tell us about your RV, how you use it and what coverage you need and we will find the perfect solution for your needs.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing Arizona Friant Insurance Agency Inc. for your RV coverage or to get a personalized quote, call us at 800-486-5108  or come into our Chino Valley, AZ location.

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