Can Renters Insurance Cover Things Outside the Home?

A renters insurance policy in Laguna Hills, CA will cover your belongings by providing reimbursement for lost or damaged items. Much like homeowners insurance, renters insurance also offers liability protection. Many other benefits come with a renters insurance policy from the Friant Insurance Agency as well. Yes, renters insurance can sometimes protect your things even if they’re not inside your apartment.

Protection for Your Things Outside Your Rental Unit

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t leave stuff outside your unit if you need to. A renters insurance policy can cover the things outside your unit.

For example, if you routinely use a bicycle but must keep it outside, your policy can cover it. So, if a theft occurs, you can file a claim. This applies to just about anything you own.

You should do your due diligence to keep your things safe when you leave them outside, but with renters insurance, you don’t need to worry that a loss due to theft is the end of the line.

Protection for Your Things Inside Your Car

What about the stuff inside your parked car? If you leave something in your car, and someone steals it, your renter’s insurance can cover that as well.

For example, imagine if you ran inside to get something but left your laptop on the seat. When you come back out, the laptop is gone. You can definitely file a claim for theft with your renter’s insurance.

Protection for Your Things When You Travel

A renters insurance policy can also protect your things when you’re away from home or traveling. If your watch goes missing at the hotel or something disappears from your luggage, you can often seek reimbursement through your renter’s insurance policy.

Keep in mind that how renters insurance in Laguna Hills, CA works isn’t the same for everyone. You must choose the policy options that work best for you. Contact the Friant Insurance Agency today to learn more about the many benefits offered by a renters insurance policy.