How Motorhome Insurance Works

Motorhomes give you a fun way to travel as well as a place to live as you travel. Motorhome insurance works differently from vehicle insurance and home insurance. Essentially, it covers both a vehicle and a home all in one policy. The motorhome has a living space and a transportation section, and motorhome insurance covers each of these. If you need coverage for your motorhome, give us a call at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA.

Your Class of Motorhome

Motorhomes come in three classes, and the class that yours belongings in will largely determine the rate you pay. Class A includes the largest of these, which are often converted busses. Class B motorhomes are the smallest of them. Class C has a specific body type with a living section that fits over the cab of the vehicle portion. You will need to know the class of motorhome that you have before you get the right motorhome insurance for it. Your insurance agent can help you to figure out your class. 

Insurance for Time Used

Whether you live in the motorhome just every once in a while or all of the time, your insurance policy will need to record which of those it is. It may go out on weekends only, a few times a year or you may live in it full time. Insurance for full-timers will be higher priced than policies for those who use it every once in a while. The make of the motorhome and how old it also figures into the end price of the policy. 

Get Your Motorhome Insurance Policy

If you have a motorhome and it isn’t yet insured, please call us at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA to find out more about these policies and to get started with one of your own.