Home Maintenance Tasks that Improve Home Safety

Preventative maintenance is essential to preventing accidents and maintaining a safe home environment. Although home insurance from Friant Insurance Agency offers protection against accidents, you should do your part to make your Laguna Hills, CA home as safe as possible. The following home maintenance tasks can help accomplish this purpose.  

Roof Repairs

Your home’s roof offers protection and security against the elements. Wear and tear could result in water leaks that can cause accidents due to slipping and falling. Excess moisture can also promote the growth of mold or mildew within your structure. A moldy environment can contribute to a number of health problems to include nasal congestion, eye irritations, cough, wheezing, and more.

Carpet Replacement or Repairs

Old, frayed carpeting can increase the risk of tripping and falling, especially on stairways. By repairing or replacing old carpeting, you create a safer home environment. Purchasing area rugs and runners with anti-slip backings keep them from slipping and sliding on tile floors. By having carpets professionally cleaned on an annual basis, you can minimize problems with asthma and allergies.


Keeping your home free from clutter makes it easier and safer to get around. Excess clutter such as old newspapers and magazines, old clothing, books, and knickknacks not only detract from the visual appeal of your home but can be a fire hazard.  

Repair Cracks on Walkways and Driveways

Cracked mortar on stone walkways or cracks in your driveway increases the risk of an accident as family and friends enter your property. By having these repaired, you make for a safer outside environment. Regular upkeep of exterior landscaping will also reduce the risk of accidents while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

For protection against accidental injury to visitors on your property, make sure you have ample liability coverage from Friant Insurance Agency, Laguna Hills, CA to protect your assets. For more answers to your home insurance needs, visit our office or try our online rating tool to get quotes on your home and car insurance.