How To Protect Your Condo When It’s Temporarily Unoccupied

What do you do when you’re leaving a condo that you own and aren’t going to be around for an extended period? You could rent it out, but that means dealing with the hassle of finding and screening tenants and the risk that they’ll do damage to the place. You could leave everything as is and hope for the best, but that can be risky, too. If the pipes freeze and burst, the roof springs a leak, or the tenant throws a wild party and the police come, you’ll have to deal with the aftermath.

Friant Insurance Agency is here to help all Temecula, CA condo owners understand how to protect your property when you’re out of town for an extended period of time.

How To Protect A Vacant Condo

Keep up appearances. If the property appears to be vacant, it’s more enticing to criminals. Keep your security system running if you have one; even if you don’t, keep a security sign prominently displayed as a deterrent. Keep the blinds closed to prevent others from looking inside.

Reach out to your neighbors or friends. See if you can get someone you trust to occasionally check in on your condo to ensure everything is okay. Better yet, ask a member of your condo association to do this.

Consider insurance. Your condo association may have insurance covering vacant property for your unit’s structures and utilities. However, this is not a guarantee. If you’re leaving belongings inside your condo, you’re responsible for insuring them. Some insurance policies can even offer special "vacant property" coverage.

If you own a condo in Temecula, CA, reach out to Friant Insurance Agency for more information on protecting your property when you’re out of town with the condo insurance you need.