Three mistakes to avoid when you purchase motorhome insurance in California

Motorhome owners in Temecula, CA need to invest in a good motorhome insurance policy that they can count on to cover them for both liability and collision expenses. At Friant Insurance Agency, we provide motorhome insurance policies. 

The following are three mistakes to avoid when you purchase motorhome insurance in California. 

Thinking you need less liability coverage than you do

Liability coverage is an important aspect of your motorhome policy. Remember that liability costs can include medical bills from accidents that you’re involved in. This means that expenses can add up quickly.

Don’t think that merely meeting liability coverage requirements in California is enough. It’s important to invest in adequate liability coverage or you could find yourself in financial trouble as a result of traveling in your motorhome in the future. 

Being unaware of discounts you’re eligible for

There are numerous discounts that motorhome insurance providers typically offer. For example, it’s typical for providers to offer a discount if you have anti-theft devices or other security devices installed on your motorhome.

Do your research and learn about available discounts to ensure that you’re getting the most competitive price possible for the coverage you enjoy. 

Using an auto policy to cover your motorhome

You need to purchase a policy that is specifically designed for motorhomes. Don’t simply use an auto insurance policy to cover you in your motorhome.

A motorhome has some unique insurance coverage needs. For example, a motorhome policy should provide coverage for damage to possessions within the motorhome. Therefore, you need to buy a policy that is specifically designed for motorhomes as opposed to standard automobiles. 

We can help you find a motorhome insurance policy to protect you financially in Temecula, CA. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency to explore our policy options.