Does Boat Insurance Cover Sinking?

As a resident of Temecula, CA, one of the best investments you can have is a boat. Besides the many lakes in the region, the ocean is just miles away. However, Friant Insurance Agency recommends that you should have the necessary boat insurance to protect your boat against liabilities and repair issues. 

Boat Insurance and Sinking

Boat insurance is one of the most comprehensive insurance policies that help in covering very many liabilities. However, there have always been some major questions regarding boat sinking and insurance coverage.

Most of the insurance companies cover boat sinking. However, it is not a straightforward process. You must make sure that the actual cause of the boat sinking is covered by the insurance policy. If all the conditions are met, your insurance company will reimburse you with a new boat.

However, some exclusions may prevent the insurance company from covering your boat after sinking. 

Geographic Exclusions

Insurance companies will only cover your boat if you’re within a specific cruising range. In this case, you must be within the waters of the United States. If you go beyond the recognized range, you must make sure you have a special type of insurance to cater to your boat accident. 

Acts of War or Terrorism

Seas are considered dangerous premises by most insurance companies. Therefore, any incident that may be interpreted as terrorism will not be covered. Also, you must make sure that your boat is not cruising in war zones as it will not be covered. 

Work with Boat Insurance Professionals

If you live in Temecula, CA, make sure you work with boat insurance professionals like Friant Insurance Agency. We will help you understand all the conditions that will help you get reimbursed when your boat sinks. Visit our offices today for more information on boat sinking coverage.