How Condo Insurance Protects More Than Your Dwelling

Every condo needs to be covered by enough condo insurance to protect it and everything in it. There are several types of protection that you get from condo insurance, and each type is important. If you need insurance for your condo, contact us at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA.

Dwelling Coverage

When people think of condo insurance, they probably think about the part of the insurance that pertains to the dwelling itself. With condos, this can get a little complicated. The amount of the building that you own is the only part that you insure. This can be from the inside part of the outside walls, or it may include what is between the outside wall and the inside wall. Your condo contract will often determine which portions you get insured. 

Possessions Insurance

Along with your coverage for the dwelling comes coverage for all of the possessions that you have in it. This coverage is extremely useful after a disaster or calamity in which your belongings get badly damaged or destroyed. If this should happen, this coverage will help you to replace the items that you lost. To make things easier, you can film or photograph all of your possessions after you move in so that you can prove you had them in the condo after a disaster happens. 


If something terrible does happen and your condo is badly damaged, you won’t be able to stay there. It will be uninhabitable, and you will have to find somewhere else to I’ve while it is being fixed. Condo insurance also has coverage for this possibility. It pays for you to move to somewhere that’s in better condition and will pay for your living expenses there. 

Your Condo Coverage

If you have a condo that needs insurance, call us at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA.