How Does RV Insurance Work?

When you have an RV, also known as a recreational vehicle, the policy has to be tailored to your specific RV. The way you use the RV and the type of RV you have both plays into your policy and its price. If you enjoy using your RV, it can be a great place to vacation and travel. Make sure it’s covered with an RV insurance policy at all times, even if you rarely use it. Call us today at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA to get your policy.

How You Use Your RV

The coverage you get for your RV shares a lot in common with auto insurance, but it also has a number of differences. One of these is that the policy considers how often you use your RV. Some people always live in their RV, using it as their main home. Other people use it regularly but have a separate house that they live in. Still, other RV owners use theirs only occasionally when it’s time for travel or a vacation. The policy you get will use the frequency of use as a factor in the price. 

RV Classes

There are also three classes of RVs that factor into your insurance policy. Classes A, B, and C describe the RV’s size and specific aspects of its design. Your RV will have to be classified for the RV policy and will factor into the policy’s price. 

Never go without insurance when you own an RV. A unit that is uninsured faces many risks for both liability and damage that the vehicle gets in an accident or other incident. To ensure you’re covered, call us at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA to get your policy.