What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

If you recently purchased a boat, you are probably looking forward to getting it out on the water, but before you do, you need to ensure you have proper insurance coverage in place. This also applies to jet skis or other watercraft you may want to protect with an adequate insurance policy.

The boat insurance agents at the Friant Insurance Agency, serving the Temecula, CA area, want you to understand that although boat insurance is not required in California, it is a great idea to have it anyway. Not only will it protect the investment you made in your vote if something terrible happens, but many marinas may require insurance that you may want to use to store your boat or use their other facilities.

Listed below are the different options you can choose from regarding boat insurance coverage.

Liability Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Liability boat insurance is critical since it will help you pay for any damage you cause to someone else’s boat or injuries that others may incur if an accident is deemed your fault. This liability insurance will also extend to passengers on your boat and the other person’s boat or other watercraft.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

If you borrowed the money for your boat and still owe a lender, you are more likely required to have both comprehensive and collision insurance. This is because these two types of insurance will protect your boat and the investment you made in it as well as the investment your lender made when they loaned you the money.

Comprehensive insurance will help pay for damage to your boat or other watercraft if a fire or natural disaster damages it or is vandalized. It can also help you out if your boat is stolen.

Collision insurance will help you pay for any damages to your boat and another boat if you collide or collide with a stationary object, such as a dock or deck.

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