Flood Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance: Knowing the Difference

If you live in Temecula, CA, you may wonder about the difference between flood and homeowners insurance. While both cover your property and your belongings, they are different. Friant Insurance Agency explains the basics of flood insurance and homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance covers your home, your personal property, and your liability. It protects you from financial loss or damage in natural disasters, theft, or accidents. Homeowners insurance typically includes four types of coverage: property damage, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. Property damage covers the physical structure of your home, while personal property covers your belongings. Liability covers your legal responsibility for any injuries or damages on your property. Additional living expenses cover the costs of temporary housing and living expenses.

Flood insurance, on the other hand, is a type of insurance that covers your property and your belongings in the event of a flood. Floods are not covered by homeowners insurance, which means that if you live in a high-risk flood zone, you may need both types of insurance. Flood insurance covers damage caused by rising water, waves, currents, mudflows, landslides, and other natural disasters.

When choosing between flood insurance and homeowners insurance, it’s essential to consider your location, property type, and budget. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, you may be legally required to have flood insurance. If your property is in a low-risk flood zone, you may still want to consider buying flood insurance, as floods can occur anywhere.

If you live in Temecula, CA, you may need both types of insurance, as the area is prone to floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. Protect your home, family, and peace of mind by choosing the right insurance coverage today. Call Friant Insurance Agency today.