5 Reasons You Need Umbrella Insurance

You’d be surprised by the reasons our Laguna Hills, CA customers find they need umbrella coverage. Simply put, an umbrella policy is a supplement to your standard home or auto insurance. It helps protect your assets when a liability claim exhausts the coverage of your basic insurance. The kinds of things you could be sued over aren’t always obvious like a personal injury! Friant Insurance Agency has put together a list of some surprising risk factors that you could need an umbrella policy to cover!

Recreational Equipment and Activities

Did you know that your home’s pool, decorative ponds, or even the kid’s trampoline are all considered liability risks? What’s more surprising is that a good deal of injuries that stem from these recreational activities might not be covered by your standard policy!

Vacant Land

If someone is injured on property you own, you could be held liable even if that property is considered vacant. Even if the person was not permitted to be on that land, was trespassing, or was a guest of someone renting the property, you could still be found at fault.

Home Renovations

Construction is exciting, but it also increases the chance of injury at home, especially during long projects. Consider an umbrella policy specifically tailored for risks during home renovation and construction!

Hosting Parties

The more people that are at your home or other properties you own, the more chance there is for something to go wrong. An umbrella policy is a good idea if you do a lot of entertaining, or plan to host major social events such as weddings. 

Social Media

Getting sued over something you said on social media is a very real risk these days. Basic insurance typically doesn’t protect your assets in cases of slander or libel, but an umbrella policy can!

There are plenty more situations where an umbrella policy can feel like your financial safety net. Friant Insurance Agency encourages all of our Laguna Hills, CA customers to contact us today to discover more surprising benefits of umbrella coverage today!