What Coverage Do I Need With My Motor Home Insurance

Motor home insurance comes with many of the same requirements as automobile insurance. The coverage that is required for a Laguna Hills, CA resident is going to be determined by the class of motor home that they currently own. Class A coverage is going to differ from Class B coverage and Class C coverage differs from each of these. 

Class A models include the luxury motor homes that you will often see on the roadways, including converted buses and luxury coaches. Class B models include the smaller recreational vehicles. Meanwhile, Class C vehicles include fifth wheel vehicles and standard cargo vans.

So how much coverage does a motor home owner in Laguna Hills, CA need when they meet with Friant Insurance Agency? Their responsibilities are much the same as any automobile owner. Liability coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision are all needed. Additional protection should also be obtained by any motor home owner who is looking to safeguard the possessions that they currently have on board.

Depending on the amount of coverage that the motor home owner needs, they may have to consider a wide range of options. Total loss replacement coverage, underinsured motorists coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, emergency expenses and towing and roadside coverage are just a few of the policies that have to be considered at times like these.

If a motor home collides with another motorist and they are not insured, motor home insurance will cover the damages. A liability policy offers coverage to those who are at fault for an accident. When the motor home is disabled and needs to be towed, coverage ensures that these costs are covered.

In order to learn more about the ins and outs of motor home insurance coverage, a client must take the time to visit the Friant Insurance Agency website. The answers to all of your most important questions are just one click away. 

RV Safety Tips

Driving an RV in Laguna Hills, CA is becoming a popular way to travel. However, there are some safety tips you need to follow.

Learn How to Drive the RV You Plan to Use

If you are driving an RV out on the road for the first time in Laguna Hills, CA, learn how to drive it ahead of time. Driving an RV has more in common with driving a commercial big rig truck. Make sure you get some practice backing your RV up to fit in spaces.

Know the Weather

You can’t do much to change the weather but you can adapt to it. By knowing the weather forecast, you can be sure to avoid problems.

Pay Attention to the Electrical Load

You will want to plug in all your electrical devices while on the road but unlike homes, RVs aren’t wired to have them plugged in all at once. Most RVs are only wired for only 30 to 50 amps. For example, a toaster uses 14 amps.

Have Proper Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is important for these larger vehicles. You will need to decide how much water and fuel you should carry in order to stay under the weight limits for your RV. Fully loaded rigs will take longer for you to stop and have slower acceleration.

Have the Right RV Insurance

Your RV insurance should cover every aspect of your trip. An agent at Friant Insurance Agency can make sure you are covered so you aren’t just leaving your possessions in a trailer on the side of the road.

Maintain the Vehicle

A well-maintained vehicle is safe. Keep up with preventative maintenance and have regular inspections of the systems. Do an inspection of belts, headlights, hoses, towing equipment, and tires before you get behind the wheel. Tire blowouts contribute to the most RV accidents so double-check your tires.

Contact Friant Insurance Agency to get a quote on RV insurance.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity for all motorcycle owners who want to operate their motorcycle legally. State insurance requirements may vary from state to state. However, it is legally necessary to carry motorcycle insurance just as auto insurance is a requirement. Laguna Hills, CA motorcycle should explore the states minimum requirements before deciding how much insurance to purchase. Speaking with a Friant Insurance Agency representative can be beneficial in determining how much insurance to purchase.

What are the Minimal Coverage Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance?

Most states will require motorcycle owners to carry liability insurance. This insurance will pay for injuries to other people and other peoples property. The coverage amounts are usually the same as the minimum coverage amounts for car insurance. However, some states may have additional requirements as well. Specific requirements will vary from state to state. However, you may want to purchase more than just the minimum required liability insurance in the event that something unforeseen happens, for example, being sued.  The bare minimum amounts of liability insurance may not cover legal fees and claims. Your assets may be at risk if this happens. 

What is Covered Under a Full Coverage Insurance Policy?

Full coverage motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it includes both collision and comprehensive. Full coverage insurance covers both moving and non-moving accidents. It also covers bodily injury and property damage liability, in the event that you are determined to be at-fault for an accident.  This insurance will help you repair or replace a damaged or stolen bike. However, the insurance requirements may vary from state to state and some states may require additional motorcycle coverage, such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Full coverage insurance also covers misfortunes like vandalism, theft, and falling objects.

Know the minimum insurance requirements of your state and asses the needs that your motorcycle may present. If you own a new motorcycle, it may be in your best interest to purchase full coverage insurance to cover any damage to your motorcycle, in the event of an accident. Full coverage insurance would also cover non-moving accidents as well. 

What Laguna Hills CA Residents Need To Know About Protecting Their Assets

When the standard insurance policy is exceeded in terms of liability coverage, and you are still responsible for fees and costs associated with a lawsuit, your assets could be next to be taken should you not have the money to cover the costs immediately. Below are the types of assets that can be taken when you are sued and how umbrella insurance can protect them. 

Know What An Asset Is And What Assets Can Be Taken

  • Home
  • Cars
  • 401k Savings
  • Bonds
  • Boats/RVs/ATVs

An asset is essentially anything that is of value and can be used to be sold and pay what is owed on your behalf. 

Umbrella Insurance Can Protect All Assets

When a homeowner seeks out adding umbrella insurance to their policy, they must determine the total value of their assets and make that number the minimum value of their policy. When your standard home insurance policy is exhausted, instead of you having to pay the difference out-of-pocket, you can make a claim against your umbrella insurance policy, which will cover the difference. Umbrella insurance can also include the amount you expect in future income. This policy is not a required policy, but it is highly recommended for homeowners to consider. 

Secure Your Assets Today

Our Laguna Hills, CA clients desire to protect their assets so that they can continue the lifestyle they enjoy, as well as provide a significant inheritance to their children and family members. If you live in the area and would like to protect your livelihood with a secure layer of protection, contact our agents at Friant Insurance Agency today to discuss an umbrella insurance policy that will cover the total value of your assets should you find yourself in an undesirable lawsuit or situation in the future. 


3 Reasons to Purchase Flood Insurance

While many people may believe their property and belongings are covered against flooding and other water damage, that is often not the case. For residents of Laguna Hills, CA, the following is a closer look at 3 reasons to purchase flood insurance today.

Legitimate Flood Protection

Although you may already have some level of flood coverage for your home or business, odds are, it is limited at best. However, by purchasing flood insurance, you can rest assured that your home and belongings are covered, no matter why or how the flood occurred.

No Need for Repayment

Although resources such as disaster-related assistance loans exist, if you have sufficient flood coverage, you won’t need to use them. Rather, by purchases a high-quality policy, you will have already paid for your coverage via your premiums, and you won’t have to spend months or years repaying an expensive loan.

Inexpensive Coverage Costs

Lastly, flood coverage is one of the most reasonably-priced types of coverage available. Especially given that flooding can all but destroy your home or business as you know it, finding low-cost ways to ensure your building and belongings are safe, is vital. Flood coverage is known for being very cost-effective. In fact, according to FEMA, premiums average $565 a year, nationally. A small price to pay to make sure your things are safe, purchasing flood insurance is one of the best ways to gain peace of mind.

Overall, for residents of Laguna Hills, CA, purchasing flood coverage is an excellent idea. If you are seeking premium flood coverage, Friant Insurance Agency is a great option. Just call, email, or stop by Friant Insurance Agency today to find out how you can start your low-cost policy as soon as possible. 


New Condo Owner? Why You Need Condo Insurance

Once you’ve finalized the purchase of your new condo in Laguna Hills, CA, the next step is getting condo insurance to protect your newly acquired investment. Your condo’s master insurance policy will protect your building and common areas. You are responsible for safeguarding your individual unit and its contents. An individual condo insurance policy from Friant Insurance Agency will ensure you have the protection you need. Here’s how condo insurance protects your interests:

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage will protect the interior of your unit to include cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, built-in appliances, and shelves, etc., against such perils as fire, vandalism, and inclement weather. If your cabinets are destroyed by a kitchen fire, your dwelling insurance will pay to have them repaired or replaced, as per the coverage on your policy. Your Friant Insurance agent can help you determine how much dwelling coverage you should get, taking into consideration the value of your condo.

Personal Property Protection

Personal property protection covers your personal goods such as clothes, jewelry, electronics, furniture, artwork, and other belongings. If you own costly goods, you’ll want sufficient coverage to replace your valuables in the event they’re stolen or totally destroyed. High-ticket items like original artwork may need more coverage than what a standard condo policy has to offer. If so, you can get an endorsement to fully protect these goods. 

Personal Liability Protection

Personal liability protects your assets if a visitor gets injured while on your property and sues you for damages. This coverage helps pay for your visitors’ hospital bills so you don’t have to. It also covers legal expenses if you’re sued for damages. If you entertain often, personal liability coverage is a must.

To learn more about condo insurance and all it has to offer, contact Friant Insurance Agency in Laguna Hills, CA.

How to Manage Home Insurance Costs

A part of being a homeowner in the Laguna Hills, CA area is budgeting for all the “extras” you may not have considered. Besides paying on your mortgage, you need to pay other expenses including homeowner insurance premiums. Friant Insurance Agency has the following tips on how to best manage home insurance costs.

Choose Wisely

Comparing quotes is a must when selecting a home insurance carrier. Ask for rates, but don’t always choose the lowest costing plan. A carrier should have a good reputation with a track record for providing superior service. Rates can also change based on your living situation, so always check in with agents even after you settle on a policy. For instance, if you install a security system, you may be offered a lower premium. In storm-prone locations, stronger roofing materials and storm shutter installations could also reduce premiums.

Increase the Deductible

As a way to save on your premium payments, you can choose a plan with a higher deductible. In most cases, you will pay less over time for a policy when you make the switch from a $500 to $1000 deductible. Insurance isn’t meant to cover small repairs, choose the highest deductible you are comfortable paying to better manage the monthly costs. Depending on the location of your property, you may have to pay separate deductibles for certain claims. For instance, earthquake-prone locations may have a separate deductible for damage claims caused by earthquakes.

Ask for Discounts

Insurance companies may offer a discounted rate if you use the same provider for both automobile and homeowner policies. Remember that the discount isn’t always a guarantee of savings. 

Need an insurance agent serving Laguna Hills, CA? Contact Friant Insurance Agency today for assistance with home insurance and other types of insurance plans.


What are the benefits of commercial insurance?

Owning a business is a dream that also comes with many risks. To help mitigate some of these risks, getting commercial insurance is a great option. There are several benefits that come when you get commercial insurance. 

Ensures Legal Compliance

One benefit of having legal compliance for your Laguna Hills, CA business is that you can ensure that you will be in legal compliance when it comes to insurance. Businesses today are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance if they have employees. This insurance will provide protection to a staff member if they are hurt while working. By carrying commercial insurance, your policy should cover this form of insurance. Additionally, your business may be obligated under lease or lending documents to carry commercial insurance.

Asset Protection

When you own a business, you will eventually need to invest a lot in assets for your company. These assets can include inventory, major equipment, or even real estate. If you do not have commercial insurance in place, you will not have any protection for these assets. If they happen to be damaged or stolen, you could face a major financial loss.


If you own a business, you will need to make sure that it is protected for liability. When you own a business, having commercial insurance can protect you against a variety of lawsuits. This could help to keep you solvent if you are found liable for an accident and need to pay restitution.

Having commercial insurance for your Laguna Hills, CA is very important. When you are going to get insurance, you should contact Friant Insurance Agency. The Friant Insurance Agency can help you by figuring out your total insurance needs and helping you get into the right policy for your situation. 

Is Boat Insurance Needed In Laguna Hills, CA?

When you own a boat in Laguna Hills, CA, it’s important to look at insurance requirements. Although the state of California does not require you to have boat insurance, there are plenty of reasons to get a policy.

At Friant Insurance Agency, we have helped many boat owners get the boat insurance that will provide plenty of financial protection.

You never know what’s going to happen on the water. If someone gets hurt on your boat or you cause damage to someone else’s boat, dock or other property, you’re going to want insurance. The liability coverage can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs or medical coverage.

You also have no idea what’s going to happen when you leave your boat unattended, such as in a boat harbor or while it’s in dry dock. If it gets stolen or damaged, you’re going to want to file a claim with the insurance company. It’s a lot easier to pay the deductible of $500 or $1,000 than to have to pay for the replacement or repairs of your boat.

Boat insurance can protect you in a wide array of ways. There are plenty of ways to customize the policy, too. This way, you get the protection when and where you need it.

The state might not require you to have a policy, but if you’re going to be spending any kind of money on your boat, you want to make sure you protect your financial investment with a reliable insurance policy.

Our goal is to protect you and your boat, even when you’re not out in the water. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today to speak to one of our independent agents. We’ll make sure that you have plenty of protection for your boat in Laguna Hills, CA.


Condo Insurance Options for Rental Properties

Laguna Hills, CA is filled with many expansive condos, most of which are rented by their tenants. We at Friant Insurance Agency can help condo renters like you better understand this type of coverage and how it differs from general renter’s insurance.

Condo Insurance is Not Renter’s Insurance

People who rent a condo may make the mistake of thinking that renter’s insurance is appropriate for their property. However, that is not the case because condos are a unique situation that requires a specific type of insurance. That’s because renters also get access to common areas, such as clubhouses, pools, and more.

Unlike apartments with similar amenities, renters of condos actually “own” a small portion of these common areas. That’s because their rental agreement is a type of ownership which provides them access to these public areas in a way that apartment renters don’t get with their rental property.

What Policies Cover

Condo insurance for renters covers a multitude of items, including the property in the condo and the structure of the condominium facility. Just as importantly, this type of coverage also protects people who are injured in a person’s condo. Liability coverage like this pays out in case of a lawsuit.

However, insurance also protects a person if their condo is too damaged for them to live in while it is being repaired. This situation is known as loss of use, and this type of policy works to protect a condo renter from what can be quite expensive relocation costs.

Find a Policy for Your Condo

So if you rent a condo in Laguna Hills, CA and want to protect your investment, please contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today. Our agents will work with you to find a coverage option that not only meets your specific needs but which protects you fully from total loss.