What are the benefits of commercial insurance?

Owning a business is a dream that also comes with many risks. To help mitigate some of these risks, getting commercial insurance is a great option. There are several benefits that come when you get commercial insurance. 

Ensures Legal Compliance

One benefit of having legal compliance for your Laguna Hills, CA business is that you can ensure that you will be in legal compliance when it comes to insurance. Businesses today are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance if they have employees. This insurance will provide protection to a staff member if they are hurt while working. By carrying commercial insurance, your policy should cover this form of insurance. Additionally, your business may be obligated under lease or lending documents to carry commercial insurance.

Asset Protection

When you own a business, you will eventually need to invest a lot in assets for your company. These assets can include inventory, major equipment, or even real estate. If you do not have commercial insurance in place, you will not have any protection for these assets. If they happen to be damaged or stolen, you could face a major financial loss.


If you own a business, you will need to make sure that it is protected for liability. When you own a business, having commercial insurance can protect you against a variety of lawsuits. This could help to keep you solvent if you are found liable for an accident and need to pay restitution.

Having commercial insurance for your Laguna Hills, CA is very important. When you are going to get insurance, you should contact Friant Insurance Agency. The Friant Insurance Agency can help you by figuring out your total insurance needs and helping you get into the right policy for your situation. 

Is Boat Insurance Needed In Laguna Hills, CA?

When you own a boat in Laguna Hills, CA, it’s important to look at insurance requirements. Although the state of California does not require you to have boat insurance, there are plenty of reasons to get a policy.

At Friant Insurance Agency, we have helped many boat owners get the boat insurance that will provide plenty of financial protection.

You never know what’s going to happen on the water. If someone gets hurt on your boat or you cause damage to someone else’s boat, dock or other property, you’re going to want insurance. The liability coverage can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs or medical coverage.

You also have no idea what’s going to happen when you leave your boat unattended, such as in a boat harbor or while it’s in dry dock. If it gets stolen or damaged, you’re going to want to file a claim with the insurance company. It’s a lot easier to pay the deductible of $500 or $1,000 than to have to pay for the replacement or repairs of your boat.

Boat insurance can protect you in a wide array of ways. There are plenty of ways to customize the policy, too. This way, you get the protection when and where you need it.

The state might not require you to have a policy, but if you’re going to be spending any kind of money on your boat, you want to make sure you protect your financial investment with a reliable insurance policy.

Our goal is to protect you and your boat, even when you’re not out in the water. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today to speak to one of our independent agents. We’ll make sure that you have plenty of protection for your boat in Laguna Hills, CA.


Condo Insurance Options for Rental Properties

Laguna Hills, CA is filled with many expansive condos, most of which are rented by their tenants. We at Friant Insurance Agency can help condo renters like you better understand this type of coverage and how it differs from general renter’s insurance.

Condo Insurance is Not Renter’s Insurance

People who rent a condo may make the mistake of thinking that renter’s insurance is appropriate for their property. However, that is not the case because condos are a unique situation that requires a specific type of insurance. That’s because renters also get access to common areas, such as clubhouses, pools, and more.

Unlike apartments with similar amenities, renters of condos actually “own” a small portion of these common areas. That’s because their rental agreement is a type of ownership which provides them access to these public areas in a way that apartment renters don’t get with their rental property.

What Policies Cover

Condo insurance for renters covers a multitude of items, including the property in the condo and the structure of the condominium facility. Just as importantly, this type of coverage also protects people who are injured in a person’s condo. Liability coverage like this pays out in case of a lawsuit.

However, insurance also protects a person if their condo is too damaged for them to live in while it is being repaired. This situation is known as loss of use, and this type of policy works to protect a condo renter from what can be quite expensive relocation costs.

Find a Policy for Your Condo

So if you rent a condo in Laguna Hills, CA and want to protect your investment, please contact us at Friant Insurance Agency today. Our agents will work with you to find a coverage option that not only meets your specific needs but which protects you fully from total loss.

Burglar proofing your home

Your home is your castle, and you should ensure that it is as secure as possible against burglars and home invaders. Friant Insurance Agency, serving Laguna Hills, CA, would like to offer some advice.

Dead-bolt locks on the doors and window locks are a given to prevent or at least delay unauthorized entry. You should also invest in a good alarm system. You should place lighting in your backyard and at entries not visible from the street,

In the era of smart homes, you can program your lights and electronics, such as your TV and radio, to turn on and off in a pattern to simulate you being home when you’re not. A thief casing your home may be put off by such a system. Most home invaders do not want to mess with homeowners and thus might choose a house that seems easier to loot.

Home security cameras have become affordable enough to invest in one or two. If a thief enters your home, at least law enforcement will have a picture of the person as he or she commits a felony by taking your valuables.

Finally, a door camera, such as the Ring, might be worth considering. It enables the homeowner to interact by smart phone from miles away with anyone ringing the doorbell, giving the impression that someone is at home. This could deter thieves pretending to be delivery people, who then force entry when someone opens the front door. Potential thieves who spot the door camera have a tendency to run, realizing that their image has been recorded.

For more information on home insurance, contact Friant Insurance Agency, serving Laguna Hills, CA.

Can Renters Insurance Cover Things Outside the Home?

A renters insurance policy in Laguna Hills, CA will cover your belongings by providing reimbursement for lost or damaged items. Much like homeowners insurance, renters insurance also offers liability protection. Many other benefits come with a renters insurance policy from the Friant Insurance Agency as well. Yes, renters insurance can sometimes protect your things even if they’re not inside your apartment.

Protection for Your Things Outside Your Rental Unit

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t leave stuff outside your unit if you need to. A renters insurance policy can cover the things outside your unit.

For example, if you routinely use a bicycle but must keep it outside, your policy can cover it. So, if a theft occurs, you can file a claim. This applies to just about anything you own.

You should do your due diligence to keep your things safe when you leave them outside, but with renters insurance, you don’t need to worry that a loss due to theft is the end of the line.

Protection for Your Things Inside Your Car

What about the stuff inside your parked car? If you leave something in your car, and someone steals it, your renter’s insurance can cover that as well.

For example, imagine if you ran inside to get something but left your laptop on the seat. When you come back out, the laptop is gone. You can definitely file a claim for theft with your renter’s insurance.

Protection for Your Things When You Travel

A renters insurance policy can also protect your things when you’re away from home or traveling. If your watch goes missing at the hotel or something disappears from your luggage, you can often seek reimbursement through your renter’s insurance policy.

Keep in mind that how renters insurance in Laguna Hills, CA works isn’t the same for everyone. You must choose the policy options that work best for you. Contact the Friant Insurance Agency today to learn more about the many benefits offered by a renters insurance policy. 

When is it a Good Time to Decrease Motorcycle Coverage?

Having the right type of motorcycle insurance is the key to preventing losses as a result of an accident, whether it is from an accident or another event when the vehicle is parked. Most people have full coverage insurance for newer bikes, but when is it time to begin decreasing coverage in order to save money on your insurance premiums?

Should You Decrease Your Coverage?

If you have a motorcycle that is over ten years old and is fully paid for, then you may want to consider decreasing your amount of coverage or simply having liability insurance. This is, of course, a calculated risk. If your bike is still considered to have a value of over several thousand dollars, then decreasing coverage may not be the best option. Always discuss your options with your insurance provider before changing your coverage. A reputable agent can help guide your decision so you don’t risk major losses.

Motorcycle Insurance Options

Finding the right type of motorcycle insurance is a great way to protect yourself and others. Getting the coverage that is right for your situation is easy when you have a good insurance provider and agents who are helpful and knowledgeable. If you live near Laguna Hills, CA, you should consider getting your insurance policy from Friant Insurance Agency. They can help you realize your options and will work with you to create a custom policy that will give you what you need without having to spend more than necessary.

Don’t guess about motorcycle insurance coverage. Know what your policy will cover and understand the risk and terms of your policy. Anyone living in or around Laguna Hills, CA should call or stop by Friant Insurance Agency to discuss their options. 

Boat Insurance coverage options in Laguna Hills, CA

In Laguna Hills, CA, owning a boat is not uncommon. If you’re one of the new boat owners here, you should consider paying some little attention to boat insurance to enable you to protect yourself . Boat insurance is equally fundamental just like auto insurance as there are many uncertainties in deep waters as there are on land. 

At Friant Insurance Agency, we help you find excellent boat coverage options for you, your family, friends, and your watercraft machine. Our mission is to keep you safe from financial constraints in case of an accident. Here are the basic coverages that your boat insurance may cover.

Personal liability: This popular coverage reimburses you for losses, damages or injuries sustained in the event of an accident in which you’re at fault. The coverage pays for the medical expenses as well as repairs for the other party’s watercraft.

Physical damage protection:  This coverage is for the owner’s watercraft. In case of damage or theft, the policy helps replace or repair.

Underinsured or uninsured watercraft:  While boat insurance is not a requirement by the government of California, some sailors are either not adequately insured or completely uninsured. This policy pays for your injuries if you’re involved in an accident where the other person was uninsured/underinsured regardless of who is at fault.

Medical payments: Sometimes you get severely injured probably an attack by water creatures like sharks. This policy settles all the medical care bills from the accident.

Boat insurance may not be mandatory but unmistakably worth it for sea enthusiasts especially those in extreme water sports. Nothing can stop you with boat insurance. Give Friant Insurance Agency the chance to find you the right policy package that fits wholly within your means. Visit us or call us today for a quote or new policy discussion.

What Happens to Your RV Insurance if You Don’t Pay Your Premium?

At Friant Insurance Agency, we know many Laguna Hills, CA residents love camping in their RV campers. However, you need to make sure that you pay your insurance on time. That’s because you’ll experience serious problems if you let your policy lapse.

There is No Grace Period for Vehicle Insurance

You may be used to the idea of a “grace period” from your health insurance. At Friant Insurance Agency, we encourage all of our Laguna Hills CA area customers to pay long before their grace period is approaching. However, there is no grace period for most vehicle insurance types. The same is true of RV insurance. So if you miss one monthly payment, your policy is canceled.

You Can Experience Major Problems

If your RV insurance lapses, you can still drive it and go camping. However, you are putting yourself in serious risk. That’s because getting pulled over without RV insurance is going to be a major financial and legal problem. You’ll not only get fined for it but will be forced to pay for new insurance. In this scenario, you are going to pay a lot more to have coverage that you shouldn’t have ignored.

Getting New Coverage is Costly

In many states, getting new RV insurance after a lapse is going to be very expensive. That’s because you may be forced to get what is known as “high risk” insurance. You are considered high risk because you didn’t insure your vehicle properly. Those type of coverage is always more expensive than other types and may be more difficult to afford than the policy you let lapse.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

So if you live in Laguna Hills, CA and have a high-quality recreational vehicle, make sure that you keep your policy current. Contact us at Friant Insurance Agency if you have any questions about this process or otherwise need help choosing a policy that is right for your needs.

How to Be a Smart Motorcycle Owner

Operating a motorcycle is a lot different than driving a car or truck. This is why motorcycle drivers have to go through a different form of testing to get their motorcycle operator’s license. In addition to having to take a different type of operator’s test, there are several other things a motorcycle owner should do to optimize his or her safety. Here at the Friant Insurance Agency, we’d like to share a few tips with you regarding how to be a smart motorcycle owner in Laguna Hills, CA.

Always Wear Protective Gear

Even on a hot and humid day, it’s not uncommon to see motorcycle drivers and passengers wearing long sleeve clothing, pants, and boots. With it so hot outside, why would they dress like it’s winter? This type of protective gear helps protect their skin if they were to crash. You should always ensure you have on appropriate clothing before taking off on your motorcycle. 

Invest in Insurance

In addition to protecting yourself with the right clothing, you need to make sure you are protected with motorcycle insurance. This type of insurance is of extreme benefit if you were to become injured during an accident and the at-fault party doesn’t have proper insurance coverage to cover your medical expenses. An insurance policy also helps ensure you comply with state insurance laws, which could potentially be the difference between spending a night behind bars and being able to go home if you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation.

Never Drink and Drive

When it comes to a motorcycle, not only do you not want to drink and drive, but you also don’t want to drink and ride. Because you have to hold on to the driver when riding as a passenger, if you are drinking and impaired, it’s best to get a ride in a car with a sober driver rather than on a motorcycle.

To learn more about the different ways to be a smart motorcycle owner, contact the Friant Insurance Agency today serving the Laguna Hills, CA area.

What is umbrella insurance?

Your valuables in your Laguna Hills, CA home or apartment may not be completely covered by renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. Sometimes there are policy limits that prevent an indemnity company from giving you the full price for items lost or damaged in an unforeseeable event such as a burglary or flooding caused by a broken pipe. You do well to fully protect yourself with an umbrella insurance policy. A member of the Friant Insurance Agency can help you understand what such a policy is and how it can help your situation. 

What is umbrella insurance?

Quite simply, umbrella insurance is the extra coverage that you need to fully recover the value of items lost during a claim-worthy event. A burglar who steals your mother’s pearls worth $1.5 million has done you a great injustice if you do not have the additional coverage of an umbrella policy to supplement the amount not covered by your standard homeowner’s policy. Not only has the thief stolen a precious commodity but he has also robbed you twice by forcing you to accept a payout that is less than fair from your indemnity provider. Umbrella insurance is designed so that you do not have to experience the pain of losing several times over. 

How does the plan work for renters?

Umbrella insurance is one of those perks that is not exclusive to homeowners. You can get a policy to go along with your standard renter’s indemnity plan so that you do not have to worry about buying a new laptop when the neighbor’s bathroom flooding leads to water invading your premises and ruining everything in its path.

Your personal and building property in Laguna Hills, CA deserves complete care and protection. Call the professionals at Friant Insurance Agency today to discover the possibilities of umbrella insurance!