How can a home insurance plan in Temecula benefit me?

If you live in the Temecula, CA area, you’ll find it is an excellent place to live and purchase a home. While there are benefits to purchasing a home here, you do need to ensure that you get the right insurance for it. A proper home insurance policy will benefit you in various ways. 

Reduce Liability Risks

Liability risk is something that all people in the Temecula area should take seriously. If you are a property owner, there is a chance you could be found liable for an accident that occurs on your property. When you maintain the proper insurance, you will have the support to cover such claims. 

Protect Assets

When buying a home, you will be making a significant investment and purchase. You also will have personal items that you bring into the house that will come with additional costs. The best way to protect your home and personal items is by getting insurance. A home insurance policy will benefit and protect you in various ways. 

Comply with Requirements

Additionally, you will enjoy having a home insurance plan as it can ensure you comply with your requirements. You may take out a mortgage or live in a home association when you purchase a home. In either situation, you will be required to carry home insurance. 

Anyone in Temecula, CA, will want to know that they are appropriately insured. When looking for coverage in this region, call our professionals at Friant Insurance Agency. When you call our team with Friant Insurance Agency, you can learn much about this type of insurance. We will also give you the support you need to build a new plan for your situation. 

I only use my boat once a year. Is boat insurance worth the expense for me?

California boat owners aren’t required to carry boat insurance. However, there may be other reasons why boat owners may need to invest in boat insurance aside from state laws. Regardless of the frequency of use, you may still be required to purchase boat insurance to use your boat in certain places or at all. Our team at Friant Insurance Agency is dedicated to educating Temecula, CA residents on all the benefits of boat insurance.

What is Boat Insurance?

In short, boat insurance provides financial and legal protection from damage or personal injuries you may cause to others while boating. Boat insurance can also cover damage your boat may incur in an accident. Watercraft/boat insurance is similar to car insurance in providing coverage and protection from liability claims, property damage, and damage to your boat due to an accident. Boat insurance will pay for the repair and replacement of your boat. This coverage is provided for boats both on and off the land. 

I only use my boat once a year. Is boat insurance worth the expense for me?

Even though you may use your boat infrequently or not very much, you may still be required to carry boat insurance. If you have a boat loan, your lender will likely require you to carry boat insurance. Also, many marinas require boat owners to have insurance to store or dock their boats. Boat insurance protects marina owners and other boaters who may incur property damage or personal injury. If you have questions about boat insurance, call us. We can help. We’d be happy to explore your options and answer all of your questions. 

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

If you recently purchased a boat, you are probably looking forward to getting it out on the water, but before you do, you need to ensure you have proper insurance coverage in place. This also applies to jet skis or other watercraft you may want to protect with an adequate insurance policy.

The boat insurance agents at the Friant Insurance Agency, serving the Temecula, CA area, want you to understand that although boat insurance is not required in California, it is a great idea to have it anyway. Not only will it protect the investment you made in your vote if something terrible happens, but many marinas may require insurance that you may want to use to store your boat or use their other facilities.

Listed below are the different options you can choose from regarding boat insurance coverage.

Liability Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Liability boat insurance is critical since it will help you pay for any damage you cause to someone else’s boat or injuries that others may incur if an accident is deemed your fault. This liability insurance will also extend to passengers on your boat and the other person’s boat or other watercraft.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

If you borrowed the money for your boat and still owe a lender, you are more likely required to have both comprehensive and collision insurance. This is because these two types of insurance will protect your boat and the investment you made in it as well as the investment your lender made when they loaned you the money.

Comprehensive insurance will help pay for damage to your boat or other watercraft if a fire or natural disaster damages it or is vandalized. It can also help you out if your boat is stolen.

Collision insurance will help you pay for any damages to your boat and another boat if you collide or collide with a stationary object, such as a dock or deck.

Contact Friant Insurance Agency

To create a boat insurance policy that fits you and your situation well, contact the experienced agents at the Friant Insurance Agency serving the Temecula, CA area today!

Do I Need Condo Insurance in Temecula, CA?

Owning a condo can be an excellent investment. However, like all investments, you must ensure you’re protected. If you own a condo in California, you may wonder if it’s necessary to get condo insurance. Friant Insurance Agency explains why condo insurance is important and how it works. 

Is Condo Insurance Required? 

In some states, condo associations require owners to carry insurance coverage for their individual units. However, this is not the case in California. While it is not required by law in California, having an appropriate amount of coverage will protect you from financial ruin if something happens to your unit or someone else’s property while on your property. It’s always best practice to have enough coverage should any unfortunate circumstance arise while owning a home or condo.

How Much Coverage Is Enough?

The amount of coverage needed depends on several factors, such as the size and value of your unit and the number of personal belongings inside. You should also consider any other liabilities, such as pools or hot tubs, that may increase your risk factor when deciding how much coverage is right for you. An experienced insurance agent can help determine the best plan for you based on all these factors to protect you from any potential risks associated with owning a condo unit in California.  

At Friant Insurance Agency, we are committed to ensuring Temecula, CA residents have the proper condo insurance coverage! We understand how crucial home condo insurance is and want everyone in our community to feel secure. Reach out today so we can help answer any questions about protecting yourself with adequate condo insurance!

Four things your home insurance policy should cover

Homeowners must fully understand what their home insurance policies cover in Temecula, CA. Friant Insurance Agency can answer all the questions you have as a homeowner when it comes to your insurance needs and options.

A standard home insurance policy won’t cover many types of expenses, such as flood and termite damage. However, many types of damage are always covered by home insurance.

The following are four things that your home insurance policy should cover. 

Losses due to theft and vandalism

If your home is burglarized, your home insurance policy should cover the resulting expenses. Your home insurance policy should also cover repairs for any damages that result from vandalism. 

Losses due to fire damage

Experiencing a fire in your home is scary and costly. You’ll be glad to know that you can rely on any standard home insurance policy to cover repairs and expenses that result from fire damage to a property. 

Liability expenses

Home insurance always includes some liability coverage. This type of coverage will pay for costs resulting from a lawsuit filed against you due to accidents or damages to your property.

While home insurance always includes liability coverage, policies can differ significantly in terms of how much liability coverage they offer.  

Personal belongings within your home

Home insurance policies also generally always include some personal property coverage. This type of coverage will reimburse you if possessions within your home are destroyed in a fire or other type of destructive event. 

Before choosing a policy, you need to get quotes on home insurance from a few different insurance providers in Temecula, CA. Call us today for a quote on a home insurance policy from Friant Insurance Agency

Boater Safety Tips

Temecula, CA residents are not required by law to carry boat insurance. However, many marinas will compel you to carry indemnification for permission to use their resources, and most lenders will mandate coverage for the duration of time that you carry a balance. Your Friant Insurance Agency representative can give more details about the insurance benefits we offer, and below are some tips for boater safety. 

Wear a Life Jacket

The majority of drowning victims after an accident are not wearing life jackets. It’s essential to ensure crew and passengers are outfitted with life jackets that fit correctly and are appropriate to the situation. 

Stay Sober

Alcohol and boating do not mix. Boat operators who operate their vessels under the influence of alcoholic drinks are a leading cause of boating fatalities. 

Stay Abreast of the Weather

Always be aware of the atmospheric conditions before you embark, but be prepared to make a quick change of course if storm clouds form. With modern technology, you can continue to monitor the situation while on your boat. Be sure to take warnings seriously, and do not risk the lives of yourself and others. 

Take a Course in Boater Safety

Boaters with certifications in boating safety have a statistically lower chance of being in a fatal crash. Your insurance may also give you a lower rate as well. 

Follow Boating Rules

Traveling at a safe speed is a must, as is following the guidance for navigation according to the area you plan to traverse. Be aware of the hazards inherent to the region, such as rocks or shoals. 

Friant Insurance Agency is Here for You

We provide quality insurance products for boaters in Temecula, CA, and we invite you to contact us for more information. You can communicate by phone, stop by the office, or visit us on the web

Protect Your Motorhome – Don’t Let Your Vacation Fun Suffer

Do you own a motorhome? Do you reside in Temecula, CA? Did you know that there is insurance to protect your motorhome? Let the insurance professionals at Friant Insurance Agency answer any questions you may have.

While options vary from state to state, you may want to consider taking out a comprehensive insurance policy. Coverage may include:

  • Lawsuits arising from accidents
  • Liability for injuries occurring to a visitor
  • Storm damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Premiums are based on various factors. But the average yearly premium for a motorhome is $1000 to $1300, based on 140 days of usage annually. The premium amount will be higher if you live full-time in your motorhome.

Motorhome insurance protects your vehicle if damaged in a collision. You can get protection for personal possessions inside it, liability coverage while on the road, and when it is parked. You can purchase medical payment coverage for any medical bills for you and your passengers, plus emergency expense coverage and roadside assistance.

  • Liability coverage is required by law. It pays for injuries or damage for which you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage is for events that occur beyond your control, such as theft, fire, glass breakage, vandalism, weather events, and collisions with animals.
  • Collision coverage will replace or repair your vehicle if damaged in an accident with another car or object. A deductible applies to both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Don’t risk your summer fun. Make sure your motorhome is insured in the event of a mishap on the road. The premium cost is worth the added peace of mind you will get when you have the necessary protection an insurance policy provides.

Friant Insurance Agency can provide you with a no-obligation quote or answer any questions you may have. Contact them today. You will be glad you did.

How Does RV Insurance Work?

When you have an RV, also known as a recreational vehicle, the policy has to be tailored to your specific RV. The way you use the RV and the type of RV you have both plays into your policy and its price. If you enjoy using your RV, it can be a great place to vacation and travel. Make sure it’s covered with an RV insurance policy at all times, even if you rarely use it. Call us today at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA to get your policy.

How You Use Your RV

The coverage you get for your RV shares a lot in common with auto insurance, but it also has a number of differences. One of these is that the policy considers how often you use your RV. Some people always live in their RV, using it as their main home. Other people use it regularly but have a separate house that they live in. Still, other RV owners use theirs only occasionally when it’s time for travel or a vacation. The policy you get will use the frequency of use as a factor in the price. 

RV Classes

There are also three classes of RVs that factor into your insurance policy. Classes A, B, and C describe the RV’s size and specific aspects of its design. Your RV will have to be classified for the RV policy and will factor into the policy’s price. 

Never go without insurance when you own an RV. A unit that is uninsured faces many risks for both liability and damage that the vehicle gets in an accident or other incident. To ensure you’re covered, call us at Friant Insurance Agency in Temecula, CA to get your policy.

Did you know that many basic motorcycle policies don’t cover theft?

Motorcycle owners in the Temecula, CA area may have questions about insurance. Fortunately, the team at Friant Insurance Agency is here to help! We are here to answer any questions you may have; call or stop by today!

Protect your motorcycle from theft

There are several different insurance options when it comes to protecting motorcycles. Knowing how much coverage is enough and which type of policy will best meet a particular need can be confusing. Unfortunately, many basic policies do not cover theft. These policies are good for protecting health expenses and liability but offer little or no coverage when it comes to theft or vandalism.

For this reason, many motorcycle owners opt to upgrade their policy to one that provides comprehensive coverage. With this more extensive coverage, there is often protection from theft, vandalism, and property loss that is often left out of primary policy protection. Comprehensive policies will typically offer this type of coverage.

Motorcycle owners who have had their bikes for a while often realize that the policy they started no longer meets their needs. In other instances, bike owners want robust coverage from the start. Whenever an owner decides to carry a comprehensive policy, several options are available. These policies can contain higher policy limits for liability and medical expenses and sufficient collision and theft protection. 

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Temecula, CA area owners can count on the team at Friant Insurance Agency. If you have any questions or concerns about protecting your bike, give us a call or stop by our office today!

Who Should Be Considering the Purchase of Umbrella Insurance?

It is common for individuals to think about umbrella insurance. Do you believe that you need umbrella insurance? Will it provide you with a benefit, or are you throwing money away by paying for the premium? These are all fair questions that residents of Temecula, CA routinely ask. You need to understand umbrella insurance, its purpose, and its intent for yourself. The team at Friant Insurance Agency is in a position to educate you to help you make such a call.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

The concept of umbrella insurance is that it is a level of insurance above and beyond what underlying liability policies will cover. For example, if you have liability insurance with a $100,000 limit and a covered loss that amounts to $200,000 in losses, you are only going to recover the first $100,000. With an umbrella insurance policy, the policy will kick in above $100,000 so that the entire loss is covered. Umbrella is a layer of insurance on top of what you already have.

Who Should Get It?

Umbrella insurance can benefit anyone living in Temecula, CA, or the state. That additional layer of insurance will provide ultimate protection in unforeseen circumstances. You never know what will creep up and result in an immense loss. Umbrella insurance plays a critical role in not having your life turned upside down.

The cost of umbrella insurance is typically below what individuals expect. Work with the Friant Insurance Agency team to make the best decision possible for yourself and your family. Umbrella insurance can be for everyone when you shop with a solid foundational knowledge base.