Who Needs Renters Insurance

Many people believe that because they don’t own a home they do not need insurance. Contrary to what some may think, landlords are not responsible for your personal property in a disaster. The independent agents at Friant Insurance Agency service the Laguna Hills, CA area and would like you to understand that everyone who is renting a home or apartment should have renters insurance.

Renters Insurance Coverage

  • Personal Property – If you suddenly had to replace your entire wardrobe, jewelry, furniture, and small appliances, you may not have that amount of money on hand. With renters insurance, your policy could allow you to replace your items at little or no cost.
  • Liability – Depending on your policy limits, liability coverage can offer you security if an accident causes injury to another person resulting in damages and medical expenses.

What to Consider When Buying Renters Insurance

Everyone renting an apartment, condo, or house should consider renters insurance because your items could be replaced quickly after you pay the deductible. There are two types of replacement coverage:

  • Actual Cash Value – can allow you to have “fair market value” for your property. With this type of coverage, the insurance provider takes into account the depreciation of your item. If you had a 4-year old smartphone that was stolen in a burglary, you could receive the cost of that phone minus its depreciation value.
  • Replacement Cost – could give you the cost of an item that is similar to the one that you lost. Your premiums may be a little higher, but you could get an amount that could replace your item at today’s rates. For example, if you had a 5-year old gaming system, you could be compensated for one being sold now.

In the Laguna Hills, CA area, the independent agents at Friant Insurance Agency are available and waiting for your call. We can help get you get started with a renters policy that is right for your needs. Contact us or visit our offices today!

Five ways to Drive More Defensively to Avoid any Auto Accident

You need to drive defensively now more than ever because of how many people that are distracted by mobile phones and electronic devices while driving their cars. Defensive driving has always been an important part of the driving process because not everyone is very experienced with driving. It is important to be ready for any unusual driving that you may encounter within your driving experience. Our agents at the Friant Insurance Agency in Laguna Hills, CA can assist you with your auto coverage to help you find the correct amount to protect you if you were to experience an auto accident at the hands of an inexperienced or distracted driver.

You also need to be aware of pedestrians and other people spending more time in the outdoors during the warmer seasons. Many people on their phones and with headphones in might not see or hear your car coming. It is your responsibility to be vigilant for pedestrians that may stray in the path of your car.

On our nation’s highways, attempt to avoid driving in the road lanes next to larger semi trucks. The drivers for these vehicles will not always be able to see you if you happen to be in a blind spot. This could cause a potential hazard for you and your vehicle if they merge into your lane without knowledge of you being there.

Ensure that you also drive far enough behind other vehicles in the case of a sudden stop. If the driver in front of you should slow down or stop quickly, you may have a hard time avoiding an accident.

Be very careful regarding your hand position on the steering wheel because it could improve your response time if you were to encounter any unusual incidents on your drive. You can discuss any questions you might have regarding your auto insurance or an accident with one of our agents at Friant Insurance Agency in Laguna Hills, CA. Give us a call or stop by our office to learn more about how defensive driving is important for your policy and well being.


Home Maintenance Tasks that Improve Home Safety

Preventative maintenance is essential to preventing accidents and maintaining a safe home environment. Although home insurance from Friant Insurance Agency offers protection against accidents, you should do your part to make your Laguna Hills, CA home as safe as possible. The following home maintenance tasks can help accomplish this purpose.  

Roof Repairs

Your home’s roof offers protection and security against the elements. Wear and tear could result in water leaks that can cause accidents due to slipping and falling. Excess moisture can also promote the growth of mold or mildew within your structure. A moldy environment can contribute to a number of health problems to include nasal congestion, eye irritations, cough, wheezing, and more.

Carpet Replacement or Repairs

Old, frayed carpeting can increase the risk of tripping and falling, especially on stairways. By repairing or replacing old carpeting, you create a safer home environment. Purchasing area rugs and runners with anti-slip backings keep them from slipping and sliding on tile floors. By having carpets professionally cleaned on an annual basis, you can minimize problems with asthma and allergies.


Keeping your home free from clutter makes it easier and safer to get around. Excess clutter such as old newspapers and magazines, old clothing, books, and knickknacks not only detract from the visual appeal of your home but can be a fire hazard.  

Repair Cracks on Walkways and Driveways

Cracked mortar on stone walkways or cracks in your driveway increases the risk of an accident as family and friends enter your property. By having these repaired, you make for a safer outside environment. Regular upkeep of exterior landscaping will also reduce the risk of accidents while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

For protection against accidental injury to visitors on your property, make sure you have ample liability coverage from Friant Insurance Agency, Laguna Hills, CA to protect your assets. For more answers to your home insurance needs, visit our office or try our online rating tool to get quotes on your home and car insurance.

Understanding Car Insurance Benefits For High School Students

Young teenagers in today’s society are starting to transition from their current age to adults slightly faster than two decades ago. In Laguna Hills, CA, teenagers are able to obtain their learner’s permit at the age of 15 ½ years old. This will give them the start necessary to drive themselves to and from school at the discretion of their parents. The next level will include their provision license, which can be obtained between 16 years old and 17 ½ years old.

At Friant Insurance Agency, we strive to provide high quality and affordable car insurance for our clients. After a young teenager obtains their learner’s permit, it is important for the parents to start searching for car insurance options. There are a variety of benefits that a teenager can enjoy with their learner’s permit and provisional license. Today, we are going to briefly cover what you should take into consideration with your teen driver.

In Laguna Hills, CA, a teen with a learner’s permit must be covered under the insurance of the licensed driver riding with them (typically the parents). The great benefits here are you saving slightly more money in the long run and slowly guiding your teenager through car insurance necessities.

Adding your teen under your insurance policy typically costs less than when they will have insurance under their own name. This will be the perfect time for your teen to start understanding the value of a dollar. If they are working, you can have them pay a specific amount towards the car insurance per month. Once they obtain their own, it will not seem like a new financial responsibility to them.

Once a teenager receives their provisional license, then you have an option here. Keep them under your current family policy or allow them to get their own. Typically the teenager will have to pay a little bit more for car insurance under their own name than being covered by the family’s existing policy.

If you would like to inquire what Friant Insurance Agency can offer your teenager specifically, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.

Homeowners Insurance Southern California

The real estate market in Southern California has never been better. Homeowners insurance protects a family’s most valuable investment. Homeowners insurance coverage compensates an owner for property damages, repairs, and replacement of contents, after an earthquake. If guests are injured onsite, homeowners insurance covers out-of-pocket medical and other expenses.

Disaster Risk Events

Southern California homeowners can protect their investment with an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance covers costs associated with repair and replacement of property after a natural disaster. Repair a home’s structural elements, and replace personal belongings immediately after an earthquake, fire, or other risk incident, with a homeowners insurance policy.  

Liability Risk Events

Entertaining guests is part of the Southern California lifestyle. If a guest slips and falls, a homeowner may sustain liability for medical costs and other expenses. Homeowners insurance compensates a guest for costly medical expenses and legal fees resulting from a legal claim. Protect yourself from “negligence” with homeowners liability insurance coverage.  

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage – a full-coverage homeowners insurance policy that covers costs for property repairs and replacement of contents.

Individual Coverage –shields a family from a homeowner’s debt obligations and mortgage payment, and other outstanding monies owed in case of accident or death.   

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – real property investment value and home contents, protected in case of theft or damage.

Combined Life Coverage – homeowners and life insurance combined policy that covers property personal belongings, and guest injury liability.

Southern California homeowners can protect a property investment with homeowners insurance coverage. Request details about homeowners insurance types, and deductibles, claims, grace periods, and terms and conditions to those agreements available through your insurance broker.

To find out more about homeowners insurance in Southern California, and to obtain a quote, contact Friant Insurance Agency of Laguna Hills, CA. 

How Anti-Theft Measures Affect Your Home Insurance In Laguna Hills, CA

Laguna Hills, CA is a relatively peaceful town, so you can expect Friant Insurance Agency to connect you with a pretty good deal regardless of what sort of anti-theft measures you have going on in your home, but, even if you’re not worried about burglars, a good alarm system can help to save you some money on your policy.

What you’re looking for in an insurance policy here is discounts. Your basic policy is going to be calculated based on a number of things like the value of your home, the risks in your area, be they environmental, crime-related or what have you. Rather than calculating anti-theft measures directly into your estimate, most insurance providers will instead offer discounts, with additional discounts for every measure you take. With car insurance, for instance, you may get a discount for having a car alarm or some sort of anti-theft software in the onboard computer. When looking for a policy with Friant Insurance Agency, you’re looking for discounts for a number of things, like:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Surveillance
  • Monitored security systems

You can also get a discount by having a security officer on duty. Laguna Hills CA has its share of mansions, but if your home has less than fifteen rooms, this refers more to living in a gated community with security staff on hand than going out and hiring your own personal private security team to protect your home.

In any event, it’s always worth asking what sort of discounts are available. Installing a couple of cameras, for instance, might wind up saving you a much more than the initial installation costs in the long run.

3 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance in California

A matter that seems more daunting than it actually is, purchasing a home insurance policy in Laguna Hills, CA doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. In fact, it could be one of the simplest elements of acquiring your home and also one of the most rewarding over time. Do you live in California and need more information on acquiring a home insurance policy? The following is a closer look at three reasons to purchase home insurance in California.

Mandatory for Mortgage Lenders

One of the topĀ reasons to purchase home insurance in California, home insurance policies are mandatory to receive a loan for your mortgage from most lenders. Therefore, rather than waiting until you are told that you must acquire a policy before closing on your home, you can purchase your policy ahead of time and beat them to the punch.

Protect AssetsĀ 

In addition to that, by purchasing a home insurance policy you are ensuring that your home and personal property is protected. In the unlikely event of issues such as burglaries, natural disasters, and more, your home insurance policy can provide you with the money and resources to keep your life together when your world seems to be otherwise falling apart.

Protection for Injuries

Lastly, depending on the type of policy you purchase, your home insurance policy can provide financial compensation to those who become injured on your property. Given that situations such as this can result in extremely costly lawsuits, purchasing a home insurance policy is the best way to protect people who visit your home in the unfortunate event of serious physical injury.

Overall, if you are looking for an excellent insurance company in Laguna Hills, CA, Friant Insurance Agency is an excellent option. No matter if you prefer to call, email, or stop in. Friant Insurance Agency will provide you will excellent service and competitive rates.


Does Everyone Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is something that, much like car insurance, is required by law save for the fact that not all people are required by law to hold it. There are a few different instances in which you are required to hold a home insurance policy but all people can benefit from a policy. The helpful agents at Friant Insurance Agency in the Laguna Hills, CA area can help you get the policy that works best for you.

Who is Required to Hold a Home Insurance Policy?

Not all homeowners are required to hold home insurance. Those that are renting do not have to have home insurance policies but are encouraged to hold renters insurance, those that own their home and are not paying a mortgage or a lien are not required to hold home insurance, and those that do not own the home do not have to have a home insurance policy.

Those that are required to hold home insurance policies are people that have loans, mortgages, and liens against a property. The home insurance in this case is as much to protect the homeowner as it is to protect the lender should the home be destroyed. A mortgage company will be able to recover the money they have lent in the case of destruction of the home if the owner has a home insurance policy.

Should You Go Without a Policy?

As mentioned you do not have to hold a policy under certain circumstances but it is always something that is beneficial. Most homeowners do not have $200,000 laying around to rebuild if their home is destroyed so having a home insurance policy can help you recover if something does end up happening. For those that have questions about home insurance and live in the Laguna Hills, CA area, the agents with Friant Insurance Agency can help.