How Anti-Theft Measures Affect Your Home Insurance In Laguna Hills, CA

Laguna Hills, CA is a relatively peaceful town, so you can expect Friant Insurance Agency to connect you with a pretty good deal regardless of what sort of anti-theft measures you have going on in your home, but, even if you’re not worried about burglars, a good alarm system can help to save you some money on your policy.

What you’re looking for in an insurance policy here is discounts. Your basic policy is going to be calculated based on a number of things like the value of your home, the risks in your area, be they environmental, crime-related or what have you. Rather than calculating anti-theft measures directly into your estimate, most insurance providers will instead offer discounts, with additional discounts for every measure you take. With car insurance, for instance, you may get a discount for having a car alarm or some sort of anti-theft software in the onboard computer. When looking for a policy with Friant Insurance Agency, you’re looking for discounts for a number of things, like:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Surveillance
  • Monitored security systems

You can also get a discount by having a security officer on duty. Laguna Hills CA has its share of mansions, but if your home has less than fifteen rooms, this refers more to living in a gated community with security staff on hand than going out and hiring your own personal private security team to protect your home.

In any event, it’s always worth asking what sort of discounts are available. Installing a couple of cameras, for instance, might wind up saving you a much more than the initial installation costs in the long run.